Range Guard


Technical Specifications:

  • Rapid fire detection with state-of-the-art heat detectors
  • Removal of heat source as Range Guard system automatically turns off appliances
  • Immediate fire suppression which quickly snuffs flames and prevents reflash
  • Quick, easy clean up once appliances have cooled, the agent can be easily wiped away from equipment

Over 37 years of proven performance Range Guard was the first UL-Listed wet chemical fire suppression system.  Range Guard systems guard against facility damage, potential injury of personnel and patrons and lost profits due to business interruption.  Range Guard systems assure quick fire detection and suppression, 24-hour, continual fire protection, superior wet chemical coverage that quickly suppresses fires and prevents reflash and quick clean up.  Range Guard exceeds UL 300 standards and are designed to easily fit in any kitchen layout.


  • Six temperature heat detectors available for precise hazard specification
  • Operating and storage temperature 0F (-18C) to 120F (49C)
  • Valves incorporate pressure gauges for at a glance readiness status
  • Cylinders can be piped together to minimize installation cost


  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., tested to UL 300
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, tested to ULC/ORD-1254C.6
  • Conforms to NFPA standards 17A 96
  • New York City MEA approval
  • DOT rated steel cylinders

Universal Control Head


AEGIS Conventional Control Panel



AEGIS Conventional Control Panel

SS K-012